Welcome to the Maribeth's Genealogy Research web site!

The intent of this site is to share my Genealogy research and to LINK with others who may be able to add to my database as I am able to add to theirs. I began my interest in Genealogy as a small child. I enjoyed listening to the stories told by Grandparents, Parents and Aunts and Uncles. When I was a youth I became active in the Children of the American Revolution and served as President of my local chapter. I am still a member today of the Daughters of the American Revolution the Dewalt Mechlin Chapter in Chicago, Illinois. I have found the DAR  resources to be most helpful in my quest for genealogical answers over the years. If you ever get a chance to visit the DAR library in Washington, D.C. you are sure to find a lot of information.

Additionally, I spent many hours at the National Archives both in Chicago and in Washington D.C. They were most helpful with census records as well as with shipping logs and passenger lists.

Another resource I should mention is the Illinois State Historical Society and the library in Springfield, Illinois which proved helpful with histories of different families and cemetery records.

As my grandparents, parents and aunts and uncles became older, I started carrying around paper to record the different tales they would tell. I wrote down the names of other relatives that also were conducting research. My late father Leland Thomas Montgomery , my late Uncle Howard Kimball Montgomery and my late mother, Esther McCambridge Montgomery were of tremendous help as they took me to visit the grave sites of my ancestors.

My cousin T.M. Whiteside of Champaign, Illinois was of significant help as he introduced me to the PAF method of recording data and shared a lot of what he had discovered. I started my data entry with the first version of PAF and an old Apple IIe computer in the early 1980's.  Right when I was ready to give up and switch to another data base program, PAF became very user friendly. I currently use the most recent IBM version of PAF which allows me to share my data easily with other programs such as Family Tree Maker, Tribal Pages and others.

I began attending the Montgomery-Linn family reunion  each September held in Mt. Auburn, Illinois and as Montgomery-Linn Historian began recording onto computer data that was shared over the years at those annual events. I have entered into the family data base ALL information from the Montgomery-Linn Reunion Records. In 1998, a cousin Paul Younker shared his information which duplicated and confirmed allot of my effort. I too discovered that I had information that he had not yet discovered. I am also grateful to my cousin Faye Skaggs for her efforts and sharings on a regular basis.  On my mother's side, a cousin, Martha Mills brought me significant information from Ballyvaddy, Northern Ireland, County Belfast in 1999 about the Montgomery-Aiken line. Additionally, I received information from another cousin Jean McRoberts Ludlow who lives in Northern Ireland.  All of this information has been synthesized into my data base. Fortunately here are at least four Montgomery-Aiken researchers that are sharing information: myself,  Jean McRoberts Ludlow, Lexi Bartels(Bartels Family Site) , and Peg McKeown McPerfitt. Together we are putting the pieces of family history together.

As of 1999, I became a subscriber to Ancestry.Com and found them to be a wonderful resource with links to other wonderful sources.

Additionally, I have found information over the years at the Illinois Saint Andrew Highland Games held each June in the Chicago Area. This year they will be held at the Oak Brook Polo Club on June 16th, 2001. The clan booths are most helpful resources for those interested in genealogy. Over the years I have found information from Clan Montgomery, Clan Henderson, Clan Gordon that has been helpful. Recently I discovered information about the Linn's as a sept of Clan Boyd.