Leland T. Montgomery


Leland T. Montgomery as a young man...
possibly a High School photo.

This photo is in the possession of his
Granddaughter: Jamie Alexandra Montgomery Kasik


541st Engineering Unit... Leland is 6th from the
Left in the back row. Note the men are wearing  circular Identification Badges like the one shown below.


These two photos are circa 1943... The one at the right is in the yard of his parent's home at 810 Franklin Street in Taylorville, Illinois . (E)

Left to right:
Leland, and ?, Esther (wife),                                (F)                                                                        Grace Kimball Montgomery (mother)
&  David K. Montgomery (nephew)
In front of Lincoln's Home, Springfield, Illinois                      
Leland and Car                                   (G)

City Park, Taylorville, Illinois    
                                                                                                                       March 26, 1942
? and ? and ? and Leland                   (H)

         Duane ? and Leland May, 1943    
     George ?           Elizabeth Lane           Leland

Leland and ? and ?                (K)
December 24th, 1943                  (L)
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Esther and Leland Montgomery                                                         
 ? and Leland                  (M)

Plane belonged to Second Lt. Busch 43rd Squadron
Picture was taken at Gowen Field, Idaho


                                                                                                                           Leland is second from left in front of the plane                                                                                                               

WWII Dog Tags and ID Bracelet
belonging to Leland T. Montgomery
      Memory by Leland T. Montgomery 1993
Transcribed from yellow tablet by his daughter Maribeth 2000.... _____ lines are where I could not read his handwriting
WWII December 7, 1941-Japanese attack Pearl Harbor

     "I was attending a Youth Conference in Decatur Illinois. While driving back to Taylorville the radio announced the attack on Pearl      Harbor and President Roosevelt's announcement of the "Day of Infamy."!!
     All young men had to register or Selective Service. Men had been called up ___________ but this slowed up the process. Each   
              received a number in the draft lottery. Of the 9000 numbers assigned, my number was 8911. This deferred me but I attempted to join
              the Aviation Cadets. However, they determined me to be green blind and I was rejected because of this despite my perfect test
              scores. I coached other men and assisted them to pass the tests.
     My number came up and I was finally ______ June 6, 1942 I was shipped to Jefferson B_______ Missouri for basic training (quite     
              my____ !!) and after completing that classified as to many tests and skipped to Oakland, _____ with ____ sent to Boeing School,  
              Alameda. We completed a very difficult course of every mechanical aircraft skill and graduated to Four Engine Aircraft School in
              Seattle, Washington. After graduating with top honors, I was assigned to a large base in Rapid City South Dakota as a B17
              specialist. We ______ had to maintain a large squadron of B17s used in combat ______ training. Our group moved to a new air base  
              at ______, South Dakota.
     I had the misfortune of breaking my leg ______ at the Governor's Ball and Inauguration when I was selected to be in the receiving
     I was flown back to _________ where they operated on my broken leg and when able had a short furlough and went back to duty.
              Our _______ even training was transferred _____ ____ Springs and Topeka Kansas.
     I was promoted to Sergeant Major and in charge of all ______ and personnel."


 Taylorville is all that is on this picture. Could be a Sunday School Class or some other team of some kind. Grandpa Tommy (T.L. Montgomery) and Dad's (Leland T. Montgomery) father is the teacher.

Back Row: Leland Montgomery, Willard, Lloyd Sanguinet, George Chathan
Front Row: Thomas Levi Montgomery, Samuel Madison, Walter Stanley, Robert Madison, Billie Sheehan