I can trace my Aiken line to John Aiken (Ackin) who was born in either 1802/1803 around the village of Buckna in the parish of Racavan, Ireland and died November 12, 1861 and is buried in Glenarm, County Antrim, Northern Ireland. He was married to Jane Reid who was born 1801/1802 in Ireland and died on November 14, 1878. She too is buried in Glenarm. They had the children listed below including my great grandfather Andrew Aiken who was born on May 11, 1842 and died on October 31, 1915. He is buried in Glenarm Cemetery, Country Antrim, Northern Ireland which is near Ballyvaddy He was married on August 1, 1865 to Esther Montgomery who was born in 1846 in Ireland and died on December 24, 1914 in Ballyvaddy.

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Andrew Aiken and Esther Montgomery had the following children:
1) Margaret Aiken (McKillop)
2) Agnes Aiken (Alexander)
3) Mary Aiken (McKay)
4) Andrew Aiken
5) Rose Ann Aiken (McKeown)
6) Esther Aiken (McCambridge)
7) James Aiken
8) Thomas Aiken
9) Elizabeth Lizzie Aiken (McVeigh)
10) Jane Jenny Aiken (McCrea)
11) Sara Aiken (Mills) (adopted niece)
12) Martha Aiken

According to cousin Jean McRoberts Ludlow who still lives in Northern Ireland:
"John Aiken's actual birthplace is unknown.  He was possibly born around the village of Buckna in the parish of Racavan.  Both he and his wife were associated with Buckna Presbyterian Church.  His son Andrew was born in the townland of Tamybuck, (population in 1831 - 296), near Buckna, parish of Racavan (population in 1831 - 4479).  Andrew was baptized in Buckna Presbyterian Church.  (The records are incomplete and the only other member of the family whose baptism I found was Nancy, born 1836).  Some time later, before 1848, the family moved to the townland of Ballyvaddy in the parish of Tickmacrevan. This parish covers about 20,000 acres and is made up of 49 townlands.  The main village is called Glenarm. The farm at Ballyvaddy was leased from the estate of the Marchioness of Londonderry, the sister of the Earl of Antrim.  One of John's great-grandsons still farms land at Ballyvaddy.
The Aiken family graves are in the churchyard of the Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church at Glenarm.  (There are several cemeteries in the village).  It would appear that the family attended this church when they moved to Ballyvaddy and the oldest son, John, was married there in 1848.  The gravestones are still upright and one is able to read the inscriptions.  The spelling on one is Achin."
Jean also adds the following information:
"First of all Ireland is divided into 32 counties.  (After 1922 only part of Ireland remained within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.  Northern Ireland comprises of 6 counties). Each county was divided into a number of parishes.  Each parish was subdivided into townlands.  At the present time townlands and parishes are seldom used - in country districts the townlands may be used in postal addresses, but this is being discouraged in favor of post codes - the equivalent of your zip codes."

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Esther Aiken (1879-1952)
Esther Aiken is the mother of James McCambridge, Esther McCambridge and an infant daughter that is buried in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Esther Marie McCambridge & Leland Thomas Montgomery on their wedding day
Esther is the daughter of Esther Aiken and
Alexander McCambridge